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LPG Cylinders

At Jai Bharat Gas Agency, we believe in providing 24 hours service to our valued customers at their Door Step with quality LPG cylinders of 5 KG, 17 KG, 35 KG, 47 KG and 450 KG for bulk customers. Also special grade metal cutting gas from Bharat Gas.


Liquid Off-Take LPG installations are effective and safer options over conventional Vapor Off Take (VOT) cylinders when flow rates are high. These installations employ a vaporizer and are currently being used in various commercial and industrial applications for customers requiring high flow rate of LPG for their processes.


  • Almost nil residue
  • Saves space: lower space requirement compared to bulk installations
  • Lower installation costs compared to bulk installations
  • Compact installation means lower cylinder handling compared to VOT installations
  • High Safety Standards: Every Bharatgas LOT installation conforms to standards of safety prescribed by IS 6044. Additionally,
  • Bharatgas incorporates its own high standards to ensure customer safety gains precedence over everything else

Metal Cutting Gas

In the Indian petroleum industry, Bharat Petroleum revolutionised the world of cutting, welding and brazing by introducing an innovative product. While the cutting of metal has been done using Oxy-Acetylene Metal Cutting Gas Composition traditionally, Acetyleneis expensive and has availability constraints.

BPCL has painstakingly studied the needs of the industry which need metal cutting gasto cut metal and came up with Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (BMCG), an ideal substitute for Acetylene. BMCG offers superior cutting at a low cost and is an ideal fuel for cutting and brazing applications.

Advantages of Bharat Metal Cutting Gas are:

  • Superior cutting at low cost (better cutting speed, kerf formation and surface finish)
  • Low oxygen consumption
  • Reduces cylinder inventory by at least three times compared to Oxy Acetylene
  • Low slag formation
  • BMCG can easily cut 12 inch (300 mm) thick metal and even more.
  • Has a lower explosive limit in air and oxygen than Acetylene. Hence has lower band of inflammability than Acetylene
  • The cylinder pressure of BMCG (6-7kg/cm2) is one third of Acetylene (17-18 kg/cm2). Hence they are safe to use.
  • BMCG cylinders are easier to handle due to lighter weight
  • BMCG cylinders are available in a range of pack sizes (19kg, 35kg & 47.5kg) to suit specific requirement of customers.
  • Awareness and education programs on safety to the end users

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