Liquid Off-Take LPG installations are effective and safer options over conventional Vapor Off Take (VOT) cylinders when flow rates are high. These installations employ a vaporizer and are currently being used in various commercial and industrial applications for customers requiring high flow rate of LPG for their processes.


  • Almost nil residue
  • Saves space: lower space requirement compared to bulk installations
  • Lower installation costs compared to bulk installations
  • Compact installation means lower cylinder handling compared to VOT installations
  • High Safety Standards: Every Bharatgas LOT installation conforms to standards of safety prescribed by IS 6044. Additionally,
  • Bharatgas incorporates its own high standards to ensure customer safety gains precedence over everything else

Specialised project handlers of LOT (Liquid off take system) for bulk LPG consumers like –

  1. Five/Sever Star Hotels
  2. Industrial sector

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