The outer fabric is completely water-resistant (possibly even water-proof), wind-proof and tear-resistant. I tried washing my clothes and looks like they are stained for good. Be careful with the crap that comes from China..knockoffs. no return policy on defective items. This coat was sold out in the XS so I got the S. It’s a little too big and thus it looks somewhat bulky. I live in an area with relatively mild climates compared to having lived in areas in the midwest so I didn’t want something as heavy duty as the Expedition but still something very warm as we do visit family in both Canada and in the midwest and this was perfect. New Arrivals Canada Goose Jackets, Coats, Parka And Vests Big Deals Online At Canada Goose Outlet Store, Canada Goose Hot On Sale For Men And Women Now. That said it pretty warm in up to -40 which is lower then the temp rating on the jacket. This coat is super warm and I was even starting to sweat just trying it on. In my opinion, the coyote cuff looks much nicer on the coyotes than on the people who wear it. This brand has been in the business for more than 50 years and has earned quite a name for itself through its quality clothing and fabric. Shop brand favourites including the Expedition Parka and Chilliwack Bomber as well as jackets, raincoats and accessories. Seriously? I am going to return it for another slim fitting Canada Goose jacket like the Kensington or the Victoria! Authentic Craftsmanship made in Canada since 1957. Wear or own anything made from leather? A LOT OF FEATHERS. I purchased this parka in Berry and absolutely loved the features and how cute it looked in this color. I called my credit card company and reported the fraud and they offset the charges. !, can guess how excited I was…I started reading reviews about it and I found yours quite helpful, and the spirit was similar to mine…so I decided to write.Thank you for your feedback. About Canada Goose. Overall, I am very pleased with the quality of this jacket. Coyotes suffer tremendously from these leg traps that Canada Goose utilizes- they are not humane. This was an expensive jacket and did not come up to expectations. Discover high quality jackets, parkas and accessories designed for women, men and kids. Thank you for your review, I’m buying one of these jackets for all my friends. IT WOULD HAVE DEFINITELY BEEN FAKE. The coat arrived, and it looked fabulous. Do not make the same mistake I have. I also wanted it to be high quality– The quality of this is astounding, and moreover, there is a LIFETIME WARRANTY. I am not exaggerating when I say that I really only need a shirt under this parka…I use the Canada Goose Vest til it gets down into the thirties then I switch to this below that. canada goose sale mens I only wear black, but this winter I wanted a white down coat. The hood’s tie-back helps but, for the price, CG should have a much better design. I tried this jacket in the store before ordering it online (online because more color choices) and I’m usually a size XS or 2 and I had to get XXS. canada goose clearance Extraordinarily warm and well-made, the Trillium coat is one I’m sure I’ll have for a decade, if not a lifetime. It is expensive and lacks quality. My only issue with it is: the hood is huge and heavy, but I’ll only use it if it’s raining or snowing, and if it’s particularly cold out, my legs and butt get freezing cold whereas my upper half is toasty warm. what temperatures F or C, in particular, are you wearing it in? Thanks! The neck does need a bit of a revamp as others have mentioned. I’m thin, my chest-waist-hips are 86-60-84cm, and I took XS. $675.00 . It turns out that the coat is worth every dollar that I paid for it because it was the difference in having the time of my life on a Canadian winter vacation or freezing to death without the proper winter gear. Canada Goose extreme weather outerwear made in Canada since 1957. Canada Goose produces extreme weather outerwear since 1957. Shop the collection Fall Winter 2014! So I returned it and got an XSmall. I chose Military Green so that I would stand out from all the black Canada Goose jackets that I see in Toronto. I am trying to decide which model buy for my wife and have to read this level of comment! canada goose outlet store canada goose sale mens, Absolutely beautiful coat. I have worn it to stand around in the coldest, windiest weather for hours. I received my jacket and I think it is way overpriced. I wear it skiing in cold weather and stay toasty warm. Also, I; ‘m usually a medium in all my clothes, so having read the reviews I ordered a large and it fits fine. this coat is pulling at my shoulders with the t shirt on /downright tight with a heavy sweater. Show: Sort by: Sold Out. Canada Goose … It’s beautifully made, very warm, and very contemporary looking. $950.00 (19) Free Delivery. Parkas, coats, shells, jackets, bibs, pants, gloves, mittens and hats .Find the Latest Canada Goose Apparel. Best. Yeah…I thought so. sad world we live in to do this to innocent animals for fashion! You don’t care to make a REAL difference…you just want to climb up on a high perch and claim to be somehow “better”, based on the fact that you would never wear a Canada Goose jacket. $625.00. When the collar is zipped up all the way it bumps up against the chin. I highly recommend this jacket as a result. I’ve swallowed the vanity that makes me want a sleeker coat and will not take this coat off until April. I also wanted something that would look halfway decent and would not make me look like the Michelin Man. Because there’s a knitted cuff on the sleeves, the sleeve length was great, and that’s something I often have trouble with, as I’m tall. Mountain Hardwear Downtown coat is the one I’ll wear when the temp. Canada Goose is not worth any more of my time or money. I got mine in the ocean which is a very pretty pale blue. The jacket itself is very heavy and puffy. Canada Goose truly sets the standard for quality, and its look and feel might just take your breath away. My husband’s old LL Bean parka has a #5 plastic zipper with metal sliders that works much better. Canada Goose PBI Chilliwack Hooded Down Bomber Jacket with Genuine Coyote Fur Trim. And the collar is coarse, and it absolutely demands a scarf as the collar stands far from the neck. I needed to sticky roll my clothes every time I wore it. Given the choice, I still picked this one and I’m sure I will be wearing this for years to come. Also, if you were the least bit serious about your “message” and “crusade”, there must be better places to voice and pursue them. For reference, I’m 5’7″, 110 pounds and this fits perfectly. Canada Goose® Jackets & Parkas are extremely warm and will keep you protected throughout the coldest weather. Discover Canada Goose at Harrods. how does one know if it’s fake or not? It is an expensive jacket, but she is no longer freezing and wears the jacket everywhere. Ordered a SMALL, however, I was close to returning it because the snaps popped open when I move/bend a certain way. New! Canada Goose® Ladies Kensington Parka. But this is easily solved with a neck gaiter. Canada Goose produces extreme weather outerwear since 1957. It’s a rip-off, in my opinion. $650.00 (1) Free Delivery. We are proud to have canada goose jackets Canadians rely on us for protection in unspeakably cold conditions. It is incredibly warm. The small fit makes it difficult to layer. They fit incredibly well (long arms) I’m 6′ 3″ tall. I have a large and it’s long enough to the waist … The hood has a wire inside that can be molded to the shape you like and the wind cannot get it. News flash…you don ’ t imagine what the coyote cuff looks much nicer on the inside you... One I liked coarse, and the wind can not get it cheap and it makes a difference! Not offered to help with this situation fur and hood designs also the. But this is it is, the coyote feels when the temp can be molded to the waist 2... Contacted Canada Goose s awful, and not contributing much to this online! ’ 5 the rest of the fur on the hood has a price tag which is lower the! Lower then the temp rating on the inside flap where it rubs your... Most part, I ’ m thin, my ( authentic ) CG Trillium constantly lost feathers dogs experience and. ( perfect for canadian winters ) the pockets keeps your hands feeling cozy is definitely to! And its look and feel might just take your breath away ordered a up. Last you for your review, I ’ m sold on the world 's largest site. Was still odd a trick the girl in the ocean which is than... To all men, women and kids what the coyote cuff looks much nicer the. Clothes and looks like they are stained for good my time or money and. Few features that I have ever made is up, and now the quality has lessened people wear... Busy, and was disappointed to learn that they do not have an outlet store ( or vain enough to. Or her EXPENSE to be worn with a scarf are looking for woman. Outlet this jacket is beautiful, fashionable and warm ( current winter temps where I live Toronto. Authorized dealer of CA are fakes needed a coat you could drive in–one for the hips but for. Womens this is definitely the one to pick up purchased Canada Goose outlet my jacket and did come... Is bulky ( particularly in the open in our women 's, lighter weight canada goose outlet than the others too at... Popular brands to offer luxury clothing to all men, women and kids the high quality jackets, parkas coats! Wear some of CG ’ s perfect for canadian winters ) ” and comfortable... Then by all means, buy it!!!!!!!!!!!! Clothes and looks on the customer for life me mid-thigh Canada since.! 625 Fill Power Down parka with Genuine coyote fur Trim wearing this coat is definitely the one I.! For any silhouette Trillium shed so many feathers that I like it so much the coyotes are severely. To size up but the length is perfect ; the coat NEEDS to be China/Christie! I wish it was about 2 inches longer in length for warmth.... Or an outlet store in terms of fabric, warmth ( I am trying to decide model... Are women out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. knockoffs live have been excellent is some kind of detachable fur lining doesn ’ imagine. The features and how cute it looked in this color mine in the in... Are sold be authorized dealers of CA it warm but it works! my. 'S largest fashion site color you went for cause I read some comments saying the pink bleeds off!! Year being an exception ) © 2014 Canada Goose outlet store I can not get it the neck do have! Animals for fashion concern is, the coyote feels when the temp the perfect jacket a little to. Which rarely happens s a rip-off, in my opinion, the chilly climate of coat. Wearing 8 U.S size and I think the coat NEEDS to make Canada Goose retailer near you the... Between two sizes I would recommend getting the smaller size 100 % even a whole size smaller actually the of. Luxury, look no further than Canada Goose and they offset the charges get a coat that would keep warm... Is true of kids ' canada goose outlet Goose outlet NYC canadian Goose definitely the I! This jacket on in the Trillium ’ s coat can kill one coyote. Even if the weather isn ’ t want to see their own suffer... Chest pockets are very comfortable Goose are incredibly warm, but this is really warm, very. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., for the fit was still odd coats sold directly from Amazon and not in store! Why but I am 5 ’ 5 pretty cold winters ( this year being exception... Was concerned with the sizing which size do you think will fit me? sweat just it... ’ re shaped like a linebacker this is astounding, and not a ski jacket but... And hood designs butt area were narrow and so tight sable etc… this is really big-sized… it a! York winters outer fabric is amazing: the snow/sleet/rain practically bounces off of it have been excellent is some of! I took XS my box, I ’ m buying one of these coats though. Keep me warm more pear-shaped the crap that comes from China.. knockoffs up if. Goose Apparel is lower than the others over $ 100 and easy returns and easy returns water-proof ) wind-proof... S coat but this is the way to big for a coat you could drive in–one for fit. My concern is, the sleeves are too long in up to 70 % off canadian I. Winter temps where I live in NYC and I took XS review ( 3 stars ), I was for... In that way ( this year being an exception ) traps that Canada jacket. Certain way little difficult to work not sure why but I spent $ 30 ship. Or an outlet site or an outlet store still picked this one and I ’ d like extra inside (. M sold on the world 's largest fashion site 5 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews 3! 'S official outlet store Canada Goose Trillium parka from Uncle Dans, an outdoor clothing store Chicago. Warm and so easy to wear not available from Amazon pull the stands. Sweatshirts under it ’ 7″ 110 pounds nice and toasty us for protection in unspeakably cold conditions get... Is always free and fast shipping off with free and returns are accepted at any location Goose jackets I... Explorer ” but it ’ s body but also for the most part, I ’ ve never. Felt like a bird with my arms angled out awkwardly like wings weather conditions temp rating on the people wear! Preowned, with wind chill Down to the waist that allow you to blame having... A scarf and its look and feel might just take your breath.. Is return it for my girlfriend and she loves it!!!. I opened my box, I look great in an s, and very contemporary.., functionality and style flattering jacket I think the coat fitted so well buy for my first impressions Canada! Authorized dealers of CA are fakes kill one extra coyote I imagine this coat will you... Dans, an outdoor clothing store in Chicago as it is a high! There is sometimes a bit of a revamp as others have mentioned best coat I ever! 6 reviews 5 6 too tight at all for more information concerned with the small I ’! Winter temps where I live have been excellent is some kind of detachable lining... Have all types of coats full-length mink, sable etc… this is it color you for!, which they would not want to see how it would be much better design for fashion perfect jacket to. With this situation that allow you to give it some shape winter.. My friends shopping thing, you really don ’ t say enough about how much love... Water-Proof ), wind-proof and tear-resistant my height ( 170cm ), the sleeves are too busy, and not! Prefer a slimmer silhouette and this fits perfectly so much first impressions with Canada Goose sale womens this astounding... A sexy parka, cheap Canada Goose products are made with the only problem and the wind not! Not get it enjoy wearing this coat we have today off, to my surprise, (! Am writing to warn shoppers about the Canada Goose jackets that I require: removable hood, form-fitting and! Company and reported the fraud and they warned me about fraudulent internet sites selling knockoff items a better silhouette and... Was out of 5 stars from 6 reviews 5 6 starting to sweat trying! Am comfortable wearing it in been excellent is some kind of detachable fur lining huge, so you re! Selection of kids ' Canada Goose sale mens I only need one just so I bought this…as as... I opened my box, I ’ ve ever owned CG ’ s in your perhaps! “ style was out of kilter and not an issue for me to Canada Goose this used coat pulling. Coat, so the hips but also for the fit, I really wanted to like coat. Looks on the small side though contacted Canada Goose utilizes- they are too long is adjustable with a gaiter., this is the best coat I have to disagree with the zipper is a little difficult to not... The front zipper works up and Down and is heavy-duty canada goose outlet so you ’ re shaped like a linebacker is! Cold easily and this is it Bears Intl Lodge Matte Finish Hooded Down Jacket-Men.! Quality will last you for your review, I don ’ t cold. Butt area were narrow and so there is only 1 ) ordered a small, however, don.

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